Pasta Arrabiata

Pasta arrabiata

Pasta Arrabiata is a recipe with quite a bit of spice. If your family prefers milder flavor, omit the crushed red pepper flakes.

If you are craving pasta and want it quick – this is the recipe you should look for. Al dante penne pasta tossed in a classic Italian tomato and onion sauce. Mildly spiced with oregano and chilli flakes you can make the sauce and store it in the fridge and just toss it up when you are hungry!


4 Tbsp olive oil,3 garlic cloves, chopped14 oz tin of chopped tomatoes1⁄4tsp chili flakes1 tsp thyme, chopped1 Tbsp basil, chopped12½ oz pennepasta, cooked7⁄8oz Parmesan, gratedsalt and pepperYou can also add Zucchini if you like veggies Adding more chopped Basil leaves adds to the authentic aroma.

Food Information

*.Servings*.2 people*.

Preparation Time*.5–10 minutes

*.Cook Time*.10–12 minutes*.

It is safe to double this recipe.


1 Into a moderately hot pan place three quarters of the olive oil.

2Add the garlic, stir and fry for a few seconds.If you want to extract the rich flavour of garlic, the trick is to add garlic to cold Olive oil and then start heating.

3Add the chopped tomatoes.Stir with your wooden spoon to combine

4Add the chili flakes.

5Season with salt and pepper.

6Stir it all in and let it cook for 10-12 minutes

.7After this time, add the thyme and basil.Stir.

8Add the precooked pasta.Give it a good stir to thoroughly coat pasta with sauce.

9Heap a generous portion into a serving bowl.

10Drizzle over the remaining olive oil and garnish with the grated Parmesan cheese.



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