5 Monsoon Hacks That Will Help You Enjoy Your Favourite Season To The Fullest


Monsoons are cozy when you’re ‘chilling’ at home with a cup of coffee while watching it pour from your window. However, it can be very pesky if you’ve to step out when it’s pouring cats and dog and when you’re drenched.

1. If your phone gets wet in the rains.


Monsoon hacks.Despite guarding your phone more than your life, the raindrops somehow end up on your phone’s screen. The rainwater can cause nuisance by entering your phone and make it stop from functioning. To get your phone back to life, clean the phone with a dry cloth and then simply place it in a can of rice. The rice would absorb moisture from the phone and your handset would surely start functioning again.

2. To avoid falling sick



Monsoon hacks.you can fall sick quite easily during this weather. To keep your immunity intact, keep sipping a cup of lime water with honey and ginger in it.

3. Avoid Green Leafy Vegetables.


Monsoon hacks.This may seem like odd advice given that we’ve always been told to eat more vegetables, not less, but the rainy season make vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower and spinach veritable Petri-dishes of germs. Therefore, it’s best that one takes special care to eat only fresh, thoroughly washed vegetables. Monsoon hacks.It’s also a good time to avoid raw salads and eat boiled vegetables instead. Boiling the veggies in water kills the germs and bacteria, thus making for a much healthier option during the monsoons.

4. Avoid Fish.


Monsoons are not only the season for germs and bacteria to thrive in, but also the time when the fish in the seas, oceans and rivers reproduce rapidly. The general increase in contamination makes fish a poor dietary choice during the monsoons. The water bodies experience a rise in bacterial levels and the fish that are drawn from the water are equally prone to spreading disease upon consumption. Flaxseed capsule on the other hand, contain all the nutrients that one derives from fish consumption. So Omega-3 is a healthier option during the monsoons.

5. Drinking Green Tea


Green tea is the perfect cure for all your monsoon woes. Being a natural anti-bacterial agent, it helps keep immunity levels up and helps combat bacterial contamination during the monsoons. Ginger tea is the perfect remedy for a sore throat and it also has beneficial effects on skin and blood pressure. Make sure to have a nice warm cup of green tea this rainy season.


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